Knowledge Comes With Gas Release


This 44 page hard-cover full-color book features the catalogue of all new work from Baseman’s most recent exhibition at Iguapop Gallery in Barcelona, entitled “Knowledge Comes From Gas Release.” 

In this exhibition, Baseman challenged himself to understand the aesthetic nature of his subject matter, dealing with a sense of abstraction.  He maintains the iconic nature of his work, removing the environment, the background, and the narrative while concentrating on the portraiture. 

The icons interact then with the abstract elements of this “manifestations of desire” within the painting. The M.O.D. bubbles become part of the figures themselves – becoming the hair, a hat, flowers – and Baseman lets the viewer interpret it all.  11″ x 15″

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Where Madness Reigns provides an insightful introduction to Gris Grimly’s personal art by presenting a selection of the artist’s favorite paintings, illustrations and drawings.

The book includes samples from his 2007 exhibition Bop Pills and his moody collection A Prairie Nightmare, plus holiday postcards, birthday wishes, t-shirt designs, album covers, character studies, rock & roll portraits, dream documentations, Halloween treats and monster concepts.

Many of the works included here are in private collections and have never been published.

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