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Sound Vision by Nathan Jurvicious

Produced by Strangekiss & Midnightpress

Sound and Vision started as a daily exercise in drawing as most artists keep their skills sharp by drawing everyday. One simple homage to a Rock Musician on paper gave birth to all 232 pages of this wonderful project ny Australian born, Canadian based artist Nathan Jurevicius. This simple, but complex drawings create a raw and beautiful table top experience. Nathan Jurevicius X Strangekiss proudly to present “Sound Vision • The Book”. This 232 page book explores the series of artworks based on the eclectic selection of cult musical performers from the 1950s to current day.

Nathan remarks “No matter who we are or where we come from music and visual arts connect us all. Everyone can remember that first precious album they bought on vinyl/tape or that first gig that blew their mind. Memories are often associated with sounds and in this exhibition I’ve sketched some of the musicians that have influenced my life over the past few decades.”

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