Dr. Bomb Redrum Glow Edition GID


Dr. Bomb Murder (Redrum) GID GLOW by Kozik!

Dr. Bomb Murder comes with a bloody scalpel and a red blood bomb that smokes. This is the new super redrum version of the Smoking Phantastagorical Plastical. This is a very special edition release and will be arriving soon.

Frank Kozik’s Dr. Bomb series is one of the most fun collections as these creations play with bombs, or sherbert ice cream.

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Based off of the hit Wee Ninja characters from Shawnimals – a master of collectible hobbies, Geeky Ninja has a fond appreciation of all things limited run – especially comics, toys, and pop culture at large. In fact, he wishes he could buy HIMSELF, which is odd, really, but thankfully only YOU can.

Comes with with mini comic and badge.

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